About D.S.Phillips, a graphic designer in Seattle, WA specializing in identities, branding, and package design.



My name is Dave Phillips and I have 20+ years of experience helping a wide range of businesses achieve their branding goals – everyone from small mom-and-pop shops to well-known global brands. I take a strategic based approach to design and strive to provide functional, memorable, and timely creative solutions tailored to each of my clients’ specific goals.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to discuss working together, please drop me a note at dave@dsphillips.com.




Here are some of the great brands I’ve had the good fortune to work with.



Here’s a few of the nice things people have to say about working with me. Thanks guys!


Scott Spradling

Administrative Director, Movement Systems Physical Therapy

We hired David to lead us through our identity re-branding and the results far exceeded our expectations. He listened to our story, he asked us questions and then turned all that into an image that captures truly what we are all about. He has a wonderfully artistic eye and is very detailed. David is extremely easy to work with as well as very patient and willing to explain the creative process.


Michael Connors

Vice President of Design, Hornall Anderson

I worked with David closely for years and am a big fan. He is one of the best designers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Smart, inspired, and fast, David understands brand challenges from both an intellectual and an emotional level. His standard practice is to create multiple highly creative solutions – each with a unique concept – any of which could propel the client to a whole new level. David engages with clients and creative partners in a respectful and collaborative way, routinely working to make the concept better in the process. I would work with him again any chance I get.


Lorna Harrington

Account Manager, Hornall Anderson

I was lucky to work closely with David for many years on a wide variety of projects for clients big and small. David is a terrific creative partner – not only is he a highly talented designer (and illustrator) but he gets to the brand task at hand quickly and creatively. David’s solutions are always inspired and beautiful, but they are also well thought out and based on a strong foundation of design strategy. One of the most critical skills in branding and design is listening, and David is a great listener. He asks questions of both clients and the team and looks for answers beyond the obvious. David is a confident, articulate, and skilled presenter – a true partner in the room. When David provides direction for junior team members he does so in a collaborative and respectful manner, always getting the best out of the team and resulting in better work for the client. I hope I get to work with him again!


Jason McKinnis

Marketing, Branding, and Creative Executive

We engaged David's former agency on several marketing projects, including our annual review, corporate presentation deck, and collateral system. David came in mid-way as our creative lead on these projects and was able to get the design team focused and back on schedule. He is very creative, and able to unify different communication elements under a single brand. I very much appreciate his ability to really listen to his clients, and provide solutions to the challenges presented. I highly recommend him as a creative development resource.