Deconstructed street construction signage.

I had the idea to take old wooden street construction signs, something that’s created to be very functional and deconstruct it into gibberish – subverting it’s original intent and giving it new meaning. The new shapes created then symbolize the chaotic nature of urban traffic while the uniform interlocking blocks relate to city street grid.


Untitled No. 1 – SOLD

Size: 27”w x 30.5”h x 1.125”d

Untitled No. 2

Size: 29”w x 12”h x 1”d

Untitled No. 3

Size: 17.5”w x 22.5”h x 1”d

Untitled No. 4 – SOLD

Size: 22”w x 33”h x .75”d

Untitled No. 5 – SOLD

Size: 29”w x 11”h x 1”d

Untitled No. 6 – SOLD

Size: 12”w x 11.25”h x 1.25”d

Untitled No. 7 – SOLD

Size: 22.5”w x 6”h x 1”d

Untitled No. 8

Size: 21”w x 9”h x 1”d

Untitled No. 9 – SOLD

Size: 23”w x 14.25”h x 1”d

Untitled No. 10

Size: 18.25”w x 21.5”h x 1”d

Untitled No. 11 – SOLD

Size: 19.75”w x 23”h x 1”d

Untitled No. 12

Size: 18.5”w x 23”h x 1”d

Untitled No. 13 – SOLD

Size: 19.5”w x 24.25”h x 1”d

Untitled No. 14

Size: 22.75”w x 32.25”h x 1.25”d